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We created an organisational culture that puts the needs of our people and the environment at the forefront of our operations. This is how we did it, and how we can help you do it too.

The world has changed, and along with it our responses to our communities, our colleagues, our environment and our workplaces. Environmental, Social and Governance or ESG, is the term used in the corporate world to cover a growing desire to ensure ethical and responsible behaviours. By embracing ESG and adopting best practice approaches, organisations will not only benefit their employees, their communities and the environment, they will also outperform competitors in terms of reputational, financial and business performance.

However, measuring, monitoring and reporting on ESG is a complex and onerous undertaking for many companies around the world. With no predefined framework, there is little guidance on how to establish the basics. Data related to ESG may or may not exist within the company and even if it does, it may reside in a number of external systems and documents across multiple departments and teams. ESG is particularly complex as it has both quantitative and qualitative aspects to it.

We believe that a strong ESG proposition creates huge business value when done well – and for the right reasons. To help Mitra Group navigate the ESG journey we designed and built experienz. 

experienz simplifies data capture through many channels including integrating with existing systems, with upload features and forms that help organisations capture information to bring all the ESG touch points together. The dashboards are highly customisable to provide in-depth analysis and reporting directly to the Board.

Our reporting tool is based on emerging global standards and will continue to adapt to them so your company is always in line with the leading players and the evolving, accepted benchmarks. We do not restrict ESG initiatives only to the organisation itself, but connect the entire business ecosystem of suppliers, investors, financial service institutes, employees, carbon credit companies, government bodies collecting organisational information, and so on. We do this methodically, step by step. 

experienz makes ESG part of the DNA of your organisation, rather than a bolt on, tick box exercise. By providing actionable data and insights, and bridging the gap between ESG initiatives and the business outcome, experienz provides organisations with a resilient and trusted ESG framework, creating real change for the better. 

The Team

Dr. Ashok Suppiah

Chairman and CEO

Bivendra Narangoda

Chief Operating Officer

Emaali Gunasekera

Business Development Manager

Advisory Board

Derek Bell

Chief Strategy Officer

Suzanne Clarkson

HR & Management Consultant, Coach House Communication

Matt Lawson

CEO Downstream Innovation

Jim Holt

Finance Director

Clayton Locke

Strategic Technology Consultant Director, Lockehaven Limited

Ross Haworth

Managing Director at RH Limited Non-Exec Director at PhysioMedics

Mark Holloway

Data Strategy Director at Kantar Worldpanel UK

Damindu Jayaweera

Corporate Strategy Consultant Head of Technology Research at Peel Hunt

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