Our mission is to elevate people and organisational productivity and prosperity in a way that is sustainable

The Founders

Dr. Ashok Suppiah

Chairman and CEO

Ashok is a serial entrepreneur, bringing to experienz nearly 25 years of experience in tech innovation. Previously, Ashok has started more than 10 technology companies in the USA and UK, notably as a member of Virtusa Corp which sold for US$2Billion in 2021, and as Chief Architect for eDocs which sold to Oracle for US$115Million in 2004.

Bivendra Narangoda

Chief Operating Officer

Bivendra is a product incubation specialist, who brings over 17 years of experience working with entrepreneurs, converting unique ideas to MVPs, and taking it to market. Bivendra leads the experienz R&D team and works closely with our customers to ensure they get an outstanding experience. Previously, Bivendra led software teams for several startups including Kraydel, Ortom8, Foodie, WichApp, Cloud Patrol, and LowCodify.co.uk.

Nalinda Wijayagunawardhane

Chief Architect

Nalinda is an expert in software development and methodologies, who brings extensive experience leading software teams across industries and technologies. His expertise spreads from conceptual design to product realisation in delivering enterprise-grade software for clients worldwide.

The story

Your passion to create an enviable company culture – where people feel engaged and inspired to make a difference – is what drives us

Employee Experience (EX) is the input. Employee Engagement is the output. Sounds simple doesn’t it. But it’s anything but thanks to all the many disjoints across teams, departments, not to mention software systems. And while some platforms help with employee insight gathering and communication, perhaps even training, few help you join all the touchpoints. 

Even fewer provide the bridge between insights and business outcomes, allowing you to: make informed decisions about the things that really matter to your people and your business; provide a robust framework for stakeholder governance, underpinned by ESG principles; help you elevate your public reporting on engagement from tick box to tangible. Of course, all of this has just become ever harder thanks to new ways of working.

It’s for all these reasons that we designed and created experienz. Our vision is one in which employees thrive as organisations truly understand their needs; where employers use this knowledge to create great experiences at work, wherever their employees are based. In turn, creating a culture where people are engaged and inspired to make a difference

experienz creates a continuous dialogue and improved collaboration between the organisation, its people and managers, bringing actionable data and insights. It also bridges the people and business outcomes gap, allowing you to quantify the effect of EX improvements on the things that matter to business. The upshot? Improved reputation, prosperity and sustainability.

The Leadership

Derek Bell

Chief Strategy Officer

Suzanne Clarkson

Consultant Advisor

Matt Lawson

Consultant Advisor

Jim Holt

Finance Director

Investors & Advisors

Damindu Jayaweera

Clayton Locke

Ross Haworth

Mark Holloway

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