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We use cookies for these main reasons

• To improve the security of our website
• To make our website work quickly and effectively
• To allow you to share pages with social media sites
• To remember certain settings if you visit our site on future occasions
• To give us information about how people use our site so we can improve our services and offerings to you as a potential customer

We do not use cookies for the following reasons

• To transfer data to advertising networks
• To get any personal, financial, and/or sensitive information about you without your explicit permission
• To pay sales commissions to third parties
• To transfer personally identifiable data about you to third parties

What cookies are we storing?

We use cookies to enable our website to work better, provide you with a full and optimised experience and to gather statistics about our visitors without ever knowing or passing on the identity of individual users. The cookies include:

• Third-party functionality including Google services like Translation and Maps
• Allowing you to add comments to posts on our site
• Remembering your search settings
• Social Sharing cookies that enable you to share our pages on social media websites
• Visitor and Usage Statistics (see Google Analytics below)
• Google Analytics

Site functions

ur website is built using a CMS (content management system) and this requires cookies to be stored to enable basic user interactions to work correctly such as remembering registered user log-ins and other site features. We deem these functions as being necessary to the working of certain areas of the website. If you choose to disable this cookie then various functionality on the site will not work as expected.

You can read more about session cookies and what they are used for at:

Permission to use cookies

If the settings on your web browser are currently adjusted to allow cookies to be stored and you continue to use this website without changing your settings to prevent this site from storing cookies then we take this to mean that you agree with and give us permission to carry on doing so.

Stopping us storing cookies

If you do not wish to store cookies from this website on your computer you can set your browser to reject and/or delete the cookies that our website requests to store. You can normally find out how to do this by choosing the ‘Help’ menu in your browser to find instructions. If you do choose to reject cookies from our website, we cannot guarantee that this site will work as well as it is intended, function correctly, and be as quick and easy to use.

Requesting further information about our cookie usage

We like to be as clear about cookies on this website as possible and would be happy to discuss our cookie usage with you. Please get in touch if you require further information. You can also read more about cookies at which also gives you more information about how to delete cookies from your computer.