Guiding and enhancing the employee journey through one platform

Linking people, culture and business outcomes to provide the framework for improved reputation, prosperity and sustainability

For employees

Streamline. One simple platform for communicating with employees; cutting through the corporate ‘noise’ and providing digital tools, including training. 
Listen. Ensure employees voices are heard through evidence-based surveys, social and interest groups.  
Understand. Two-way communication between senior leaders, line managers and employees, helping people understand how their insights shape policy and practice 
Collaborate. Integrate departments and subsidiaries, encouraging innovative thinking and tackling the issues that matter most.
Reward. Encourage involvement from a wide cross-section of your employee-base via gamification reward and recognition. 
From insights to actions. Custom dashboards to analyse employee insights against HR and customer experience data, informing future of work strategy, ESG principles, diversity and inclusion, culture, purpose and wellbeing
The framework for EX. Join the touchpoints on your EX journey; connect employee insights and business outcomes; integrate software systems; create efficiencies.
From tick box to tangible. Evidence to all your stakeholders – people, customers, communities, and shareholders – that your engagement strategy is underpinned by robust ESG principles, elevating your UK Corporate Governance reporting. 
Facilitate collaboration. In-team and cross-departmental communication, collaboration and innovation, wherever your people are based. 
Tailored to requirements. experienz consultancy support to bespoke the platform to your strategic focus; align look and feel with brand and tone of voice; and tailor employee insight gathering mechanisms and frequency. 

For organisations

experienz gives you an opportunity to learn, grow and thrive!


Cultivate an engaged workforce by implementing the right strategies

One platform to listen to employees; through surveys, collaborations and innovation.

One platform to act as the bridge between employee insights and disparate HR software and customer experience systems

One platform to explore employee insights against business goals, ESG principles and stakeholder governance.

One platform to inform policy, practice and workforce engagement reporting

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